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para exposição no mercado ou proteção no transporte Blister Process Type Liner de plástico para embalagem de frutas

Informação básica

Modelo:  29x39cm, 29x49cm, 39x59cm

Descrição do produto

N ° de Modelo: 29x39cm, 29x49cm, 39x59cm Tamanho Padrão: 39X59cm, 37X57cm, 29X49cm, 29X39cm, 23X38cm, 28X48 Tipo de Empresa: Fabricante, Exportador País Exportador: Mais de 20 Países Aplicação: Frutas Frescas, Embalagem de Legumes, Agricultura, Fo Marca: GUOLIANG Origem: Shandong, China Tipo: Forro de plástico para embalagem de frutas Espessura: 0,10-0,19 mm Certificado: ISO9001: 2008, Relatório de teste SGS, FDA Attestation Experiência: Mais de 10 anos Marca: Guoliang Especificação: 29x49cm, mais de 40 tipos Código HS : 39239000 Para exposição no mercado ou proteção no transporte tipo blister liner plástico para embalagem de frutas \ n
Material PP, eco-friendly
Standard Size 39x59cm, 37x57cm, 29x49cm, 29x39cm, 23x38cm, 28x48cm, 28x38cm etc
Color black/blue/orange/white/red/green/yellow etc (also according to your request)
Thickness 0.10-0.20mm
Caliber According to your requirement
Function&Advantage 1. used for Apple/peach/tomato/melon/pomegranate/nectarine etc to guarantee the protection of your fruit from damage during transit, retail and display and preserve the quality of your fruit
2. wide range of sizes ,colors and formats
3. light ,soft and resistant
4. maximum comfort during transport
5. multiple perforations for maximum ventilation
6. adaptable to all types of outer packaging
7. can achieve good packing effect
8. to protect the fruit efficiently during its long journey to the international markets
9.  to ensure the repose inside the pocket
10. the fruit is free of any risk of friction or blow while traveling in this comfortable and safer way
11. a soft and smooth surface, very resistant to stress and cracking.
12. The weight / volume ratio used for the different sizes of fruit corresponds to the average value obtained in different areas and ripening seasons.
13. accept custom design order
14. OEM: If you have any packaging design, we are capable of supplying precise molding at the soonest.
Capacity 1. 18'40HQ/month
2. we are offering tens of millions pieces of trays , to markets in Europe, North America and North Africa, Australia
other orders
Payment Terms
 50% deposit by T/T before production, the balance by T/T against the copy of the B/L
Certificate SGS test report for US FDA and European standard, ISO 9001:2008, Alibaba golden supplier, BV onsite check
Packing 500pcs/carton,700pcs/carton,1000pcs/carton
Stuffing Information 20FT 25cartons/wood pallet
40GP 25cartons/wood pallet
40HQ 30cartons/wood pallet
\ n Outros Produtos \ n \ n \ n Bandeja Fresh Plastic com Almofadas Absorventes \ n \ n for Display in Market or Protection in Transport Blister Process Type Plastic Liner for Fruit Packing \ n \ n \ n
Description plastic fresh tray for fresh or frozen meat, seafood, fresh fruit& vegetable with absorbent pad
Material Three layers flowing casting Polypropylene
Size&Shape Various size or according to customer's requirement.
Color Any color available
Feature Can be covered or sealed directly for the convenience of storage and display
Supply Ability 8-10 tons/day, 3000 tons/year
Delivery time Normally 7-15 days after the receipt of deposit
Craft we adopt the casting technology
The material and craft we adopt can produce the film with high quality, improve the production capacity and the most important thing is that can reduce the cost, and can ensure the film is environment protection
Advantage 1. with a layer of absorbent pad at the bottom to absorb the redundant water and blood of the meat to keep the meat dry and fresh
2.      Prolong the shelf life of the aquatic products, meat, fruit& vegetable products
3.      No need to repack
4.      Keep the cleanness of the freezer
5.      Absorb more water automatically
6.      Keep the fresh appearance of the food for long time
7.      Used for the package of the export highly processed aquatic & meat products
Application They are used in the packaging for supermarket displaying and transportation of raw food (raw fish &meat, fresh fruits&vegetables)
\ n \ n Bandeja EPS de espuma \ n \ n for Display in Market or Protection in Transport Blister Process Type Plastic Liner for Fruit Packing \ n \ n
FEATURES & BENEFITS 1.                  Food grade EPS 
2.                Wide range of dimensions and shapes
3.                 High impact resistance
4.                 Heat resistant
5.                 Rich colour palette
6.                Two-colour branding potential
7.                100% Recyclable
8.                Lightweight, reducing transportation costs
9.                Guarantee food safety
10.            Enhance product presentation
 11. Prolong shelf life and minimise food waste
APPLICATIONS Fruit, vegetables and meat, sea food 
Informações sobre a empresa Como um fabricante de material de embalagem para frutas e legumes frescos, temos vindo a especializar-se na produção e exportação de produtos de embalagem para frutas, legumes e outros produtos agrícolas há mais de 10 anos. \ n Nossos principais produtos: bandeja de frutas PP, bandeja de alimentos frescos com almofada absorvente, rede de embalagem de espuma EPE, tapete de espuma, rede extrudida, bandeja fresca, bandeja de mudas, clipe de planta, saco de papel de fruticultura e outro pacote suplementar. Por favor, verifique as seguintes fotos de nossos produtos. Faixa de vendas Agora, nossos produtos estão sendo vendidos em todo o mundo, como Holanda, Polônia, Alemanha, Grécia, Cezch, Portugal, França, Itália, etc na Europa, Líbano, Coréia do Sul, Índia, Canadá, EUA, México, Egito, Austrália, Nova Zelândia, Chile e etc. isto mostra que nosso produto é para o gosto de mercado de todo o mundo \ n Nossa Fábrica \ n \ n for Display in Market or Protection in Transport Blister Process Type Plastic Liner for Fruit Packing \ n \ n Nossa Exposição \ n \ n \ n Fruit Logistica em Berlim \ n \ n \ n PMA Fresh Summit \ n \ n \ n Exposição Sifel Maroc em Marrocos \ n \ n \ n PMA Fresh Connections Austrália-Nova Zelândia \ n \ n \ n Exposição Fresh Agromashov \ n \ n \ n Bem-vindo \ n \ n \ n SIAL PARIS \ n \ n \ n Anuga \ n \ n \ n Expo de Frutos do Mar \ n

Grupo de Produto : Bandejas De Frutas

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